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Butler building vibe check

I get it, most people simply don’t possess the overwhelming psychic power that it takes to accurately read vibes. But I do. So, I present to you the definitive and factual ranking of Butler’s academic buildings based on their vibes.

Lilly Hall theft brings total incidents to 23

Butler University Police Department is looking into who was responsible for a theft in Lilly Hall on Monday night. A wallet, a phone and an iPod were stolen from the costume shop of Lilly Hall sometime before 10 p.m. Students were in the building, practicing for the theatre department’s “Bali Dream.” When the cast was

Phoenix Theatre turns 30 this season

Like a person trying to hush up hitting the big 3-0, the Phoenix Theatre will not be planning an elaborate party for its 30th anniversary this season. The reason is much different, however. Planning its anniversary season was much like laying out any other season, said Bryan Fonseca, producing director for the Phoenix. Since the

From NYC to Butler: ‘Seven’ celebrates women

Performers from Butler University and from the Phoenix Theater take on the lives and hardships of women from around the world in their production of “Seven.” The documentary play “Seven” will be performed at Butler University’s Lilly Hall Studio Theatre next week from Sept. 5 through Sept. 8. Though there will be performances of the

LILLY HALL AFTER DARK | Students stay long after the lights go down

As the sun set on Thursday, Lilly Hall was bubbling with activity. Musical scales and melodies echoed outside the practice rooms on the second floor, classes were wrapping up in the ensemble rooms on the first floor, and the Butler Theatre was alight with people preparing for a week of tech rehearsals. “[Lilly] is my

A composer for the ages

The legacy of a man considered to be one of the top five most programmed composers—along with Handel, Brahms, Mendelssohn and Mozart—can be found deep within the workings of Butler University’s Lilly Hall. This composer, teacher and faculty member is music theory and history professor James Mulholland.  Mulholland has worked as a music professor at

Raw sewage causes Lilly shutdown

Administrators closed Lilly Hall on Monday night after more than four inches of raw sewage flooded the building’s basement, which administrators said created a potential biohazard. By Tuesday morning, regularly scheduled classes went on as usual, although bathrooms and running water were unavailable. The reason for the foul problem was that the sewage ejection pump

Learning to be human

Through movement and placement, Butler’s theater department and its chair William Fisher create a performance rife with deception, class tension and mistrust.  William Fisher absentmindedly flicks his dark-rimmed glasses behind his desk. “I don’t think theater is plays,’” he says. “Theater exists, and plays are a part of theater.” Since becoming the chair of Butler’s