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Star Fountain repairs continue

From fountain hopping to bubbling, Star Fountain has been the focus of many lasting memories for Butler students. Today, it stands out as a black eye on campus. While undergoing maintenance over the summer, a construction worker accidentally backed his pickup truck into the fountain, knocking several pieces of limestone loose. Junior Rachel Head, a

Weekend power outage disrupts musical, leaves campus in the dark

All buildings now have full electricity after a power outage at Butler University Saturday left students in the dark and employees working overtime. Butler staff shut off power across campus after lightning struck near or on the power plant located behind Schwitzer Hall said Ben Hunter, Chief of Staff and Executive Director of Public Safety.

Raw sewage causes Lilly shutdown

Administrators closed Lilly Hall on Monday night after more than four inches of raw sewage flooded the building’s basement, which administrators said created a potential biohazard. By Tuesday morning, regularly scheduled classes went on as usual, although bathrooms and running water were unavailable. The reason for the foul problem was that the sewage ejection pump

Burst pipe shuts down dining facilities

A burst pipe on the northeast side of Jordan Hall dampened the daily routine for some faculty, staff and students last Thursday. Interim Vice President for Operations Gerald Carlson said workers struck a fire hydrant Nov. 10 while using a lift to hang banners for last weekend’s presidential inauguration. The fire hydrant ruptured a water

Sustainability projects put in place

University officials said they are looking at ways to cut out wastefulness, but some students and faculty members said they want the university’s sustainability projects to be more focused. “All the time I see lights on in buildings at night, and even the sprinklers will be on when it is raining,” sophomore chemistry major Kaitlynn

Butler needs to use more energy to save energy

Butler University funds ambitious projects and proclaims goals of becoming an environmentally responsible campus. But the day-to-day decisions and functions of the university seem to contradict these efforts. Many campus buildings light up the sky every night, all night—even though most of them close at 10 p.m. But even if it were not good for

University names interim vice president of operations

Gerald Carlson, director of maintenance, has been selected as former Vice President of Operations Mike Gardner’s interim replacement. During his past five years on campus, Carlson would often step in when Gardner was out of town. When Gardner left, he suggested Carlson temporarily fill the position. University President Bobby Fong wants Butler’s next president to