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Bugged by bugs

KATIE GOODRICH STAFF REPORTER Butler University’s campus—along with the rest of the Midwest—is being invaded by bugs. Stink bugs, boxelder bug and ants are the main problems on campus, said Dick Hamm, director of building services. The bug problem was brought to Building Services’ attention more than four weeks ago, Hamm said. “We have been

Students left with second choice

With the change in lottery number distribution for university housing this year, the residence life department is working to place students who did not get their first choices for next year’s housing. This year, lottery numbers were distributed randomly as opposed to years past, when lottery numbers were based on student credit hours. Karla Cunningham,

Freshmen differ on alcohol expectations

Freshmen arrived Aug. 18 with bags and books in tow, but also came with differing expectations. Freshmen had mixed expectations on the alcohol policy and how it is enforced. “I thought (the alcohol policy) was going to be enforced a lot more than it actually is,” freshman Jordan Reisman said. Reisman said the one measure

Green initiatives save, earn money

Tree leaves and other plant life on campus may be changing color as summer ends, but departments and organizations around Butler University are continuing to go green. In addition to being environmentally friendly, Butler is also saving and earning money with its numerous green initiatives. The two major points in Butler’s quest to become more

Maintenance plans new parking and living space

The Butler University maintenance committee is looking to start addressing the lack of parking and shrinking living space within the next month. Butler is in the midst of many renovations, including a $1.7 million restoration on the exterior of Hinkle Fieldhouse. The restoration was funded by a national grant and a matched dollar amount from

Housing full with large enrollment

Butler University is facing a time when the incoming classes continue to grow. The current expected freshman class size of 1,111 students shot up from last year’s class size of 926. Upperclassmen were offered alternative housing opportunities to help accommodate freshmen. In 2003, additional housing options were offered when Butler’s incoming freshman class totaled 976

Weekend power outage disrupts musical, leaves campus in the dark

All buildings now have full electricity after a power outage at Butler University Saturday left students in the dark and employees working overtime. Butler staff shut off power across campus after lightning struck near or on the power plant located behind Schwitzer Hall said Ben Hunter, Chief of Staff and Executive Director of Public Safety.

Housekeeping staff stays busy with residence hall upkeep

The daily cleaning of every dormitory bathroom is only one responsibility of Butler University’s housekeeping staff. Richard Hamm, director of building services, works closely with his supervisors, Augusto Acosta and Jenny Roell, to try to keep the residence halls as clean and sanitary as possible. Acosta supervises Ross Hall, Residential College and the Apartment Village,