Dawgs with Style: Megan Heiss

Senior Megan Heiss dresses herself with confidence, class and lots of pink. Photo by Abby Ayre

MEGAN FULLER | CULTURE CO-EDITOR | mafuller@butler.edu 

College fashion is constantly shifting in order to accommodate function, follow trends in form and reflect the changing nature of the world that students live in. Here on Butler’s campus, students are finding new ways to merge their leisure time with their professional life. Read on to discover the next of our Dawgs with Style through a Q&A style interview

Megan Heiss, a senior middle/secondary education and history double major, is no stranger to accessorizing. Her unique style mixes past and present trends, always accompanied by the perfect headband and earrings. College has given Heiss the chance to find her own style and flourish in it. She wears outfits that make her feel confident and encourages others to do the same. 

The Butler Collegian chatted with Heiss about her fashion evolution, inspiration, how her major influences her wardrobe and advice for those seeking to develop their own style. 

THE BUTLER COLLEGIAN: How would you describe your personal style? 

MEGAN HEISS: I would describe my personal style as a mixture of preppy, feminine, floral and statement pieces. [It’s] a combination of everything classic, but then at the same time, incorporating new trends that I enjoy. 

TBC: How do you feel like your style has evolved? Do you think it’s changed a lot? 

MH: Yeah, I think it’s definitely changed a lot since I’ve come to college. I think I definitely dress more mature. I really have developed my love for pink in college. I liked it in high school, but I definitely blossomed into my love of pink in college. I also have embraced headbands more in college. I rarely wore them in high school, but in college, I wear them all the time. I definitely accessorize more and have expanded out of my comfort zone in terms of trends, accessories and styles as I’ve grown in my confidence. 

TBC: Where or who do you get your style inspiration from? 

MH: Growing up in high school I loved “Gossip Girl” and Serena and Blair’s style. I like to think sometimes I’m like a combination of both. I don’t think I’m as preppy as Blair, but I feel like I’m not as adventurous or effortless as Serena. One influencer whose style I love is Lauren Loveless. She’s a TikToker, and she has a very cute style, very colorful and preppy. She wears lots of tulle, bright colors, ruffles and lace, so I love following her. She’s my favorite style influencer. 

TBC: Where do you usually buy your clothes? 

MH: My favorite store is called Vintage Charm, and it’s a boutique. They have a few locations in the Chicago area where I’m from. They also have a location in Zionsville. It’s the cutest boutique ever. I get my jeans from there, sweaters, headbands and earrings — everything. I also really like to shop at Aerie for more comfortable clothes and at Lululemon and Athleta for workout clothes and athleisure. I also really like Altar’d State, but Vintage Charm is my favorite because I think they have a lot of unique pieces you can’t buy elsewhere. I like to buy things that not everyone has. 

TBC: Do you think any of your personal interests inspire the clothes that you wear? 

MH: I’m a history major, so I love combining history and fashion. I think it’s very interesting looking back at a certain period and finding, “Oh, this style was popular. I wonder if there’s any way I can incorporate that into my own style?” I know in the 1960s headbands were really popular, and learning about that in my history classes and seeing the trend come back in this decade is super cool. I love seeing primary sources and doing research, like the 1980s with all the bright colors, and then even the 1920s with all the fringe and the feathers and short little skirts. 

I think that history and fashion are very intertwined. Actually, for my senior history capstone class last semester, I wrote and researched all about Jewish immigrant women’s clothing in Chicago between 1880 and 1920. I learned a lot about how corsets were really popular then, and now today we see the resurgence of corset tops from stores like Urban Outfitters. So seeing how that is all interrelated and how history repeats itself in fashion is interesting. 

TBC: What are some accessories you never leave the house without? 

MH: Definitely a headband and earrings. I’m not a big bracelet or ring girl just because I fidget a lot and break them. Earrings and headbands just make every outfit come together and look like you are put together even though you don’t even have to do your hair. Just stick a headband on it. 

TBC: Do you like incorporating hair and makeup into your looks? 

MH: I like headbands because I’m not the best at doing my hair. I also love wearing cute claw clips. But for makeup, I sometimes try to match my eyeshadow to my outfit. I’m not super adventurous with makeup which is something I want to work on. 

TBC: What are some fashion trends you’re looking forward to wearing in the spring? 

MH: I know bows are very in, and I’ve loved bows since before they were popular. I got these bow earrings two years ago that I would always wear, so I love the bow trend. I also love everything floral, pink and pearls. I have a pearl headband I like to wear, and I love pearl jewelry. I still love the flared pants trend, like boot flared jeans and leggings, just because I feel like it makes my legs look a little taller — and anything with ruffles or puffed sleeves. I am getting more into midi skirts, so I’m excited to see more midi skirts in the spring. 

TBC: Is there a season of the year you like the best for fashion? 

MH: It’s hard to pick because each season has its strengths. I think my cutest outfits are from spring and fall because the weather varies, so there is more you can do. In the summer the heat can affect your style a lot, and in the winter you’re more focused on bundling up than looking cute. The fall and spring have more temperate weather, so you can experiment more with different trends. One day you can wear a cute mini skirt and a blouse, and then the next day you can wear jeans and boots. 

TBC: What is some advice you have for people who might be struggling to find their own style? 

MH: I would say don’t always buy something because it’s popular or because influencers are wearing it. Pick clothes and accessories that you feel confident in, not just because your friends are wearing them. One piece of clothing or style can look way different on you than on a friend based on your body type. You want to wear clothes that you feel confident in and flatter you. People are not always judging you. Just have fun because who cares? If they are judging what you wear, then you don’t want to be their friend anyway. Now is the time to experiment with styles and figure out what you like and don’t like. Any outfit looks better if you feel confident wearing it. 


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