Bulldog Burrows: Nick White

White’s cozy office is filled with mementos from his life. Photo by Elle Rotter.

TIFFANY HOANG | STAFF REPORTER | thoang2@butler.edu 

The personal spaces we inhabit are a reflection of ourselves — from dorms to offices — and that much is true for members of the Butler campus community. Read on to discover the next of our Bulldog Burrows through a Q&A-style interview

Nick White, a sports media and journalism lecturer, decorates his office with meaningful mementos from his life. There, one can find heartfelt thank you letters from past students, pin flags from famous golf courses and even an Emmy award. The true hidden gem he is proud of is his espresso machine. He even encourages students to visit his office for a little treat when they need a quick pick-me-up in the middle of the day. The Butler Collegian sat down with Professor White to talk about his homey office. 

The Butler Collegian: Can you tell us about the types of classes you teach? 

Nick White: I teach sports media mostly, but I also teach journalism. 

TBC: Would you say your classes relate to how you decorate your office? 

NW: No, not really — down [on the bottom shelf] maybe with the cameras, screws and cables. Overall, probably not. It’s sports-related all around, so at least that fits. 

TBC: Yeah, I came in here expecting to see a lot of sports-related decor. 

NW: Well, those are golf flags. They’re pin flags from golf courses I’ve played that are famous. So at least that’s sports. Bryce Golden gave me that jersey [after his] last game, so I have that up. He was like, “Do you want it?” and I was like “Uh, yeah! I’ll put it up!” Then [the flags] are [sports flags]. That’s Inter Milan. I’m a big fan of Inter Milan. They’re probably my number one team. There’s also the Colts. I guess sports sorta? But then I have a random [picture] of Europe. And this over here [on the wall is a painting] I painted myself. In the summers when I have time, I paint. I have a little studio. You’ve got to be diverse in life. You can’t be sports all the time. 

Bryce Golden’s old jersey is pinned up on White’s office wall. Photo by Elle Rotter

TBC: Has your theme always been consistent when decorating your office? 

NW: [The office] is fairly new. So, yes. I put the pin flags in at the beginning of the school year because I was told it was empty in here. The TV has always been there with an AirPlay feature, so I’m always reviewing stories from students with it. It’s functional. I also keep all my thank you letters from students since those are very important. I keep them on the top shelf. You have to. I think I’ve gotten 20 so far. I want 100. I want [to be] like Scott Bridge. He’s got all those files — I just want those to be full of thank-you notes. 

TBC: When did you start at Butler? 

NW: [In] spring 2021 I [was an] adjunct for a semester. Fall 2021 was my first full time. So I’m fairly new, and that’s why I’ve only had this office. But I like it. I’ve been asked if I wanted to move up. Nope! It’s quiet down here. 

TBC: It is. It feels very homey down here. 

NW: Yeah. I can turn on my lamps. It’s quiet. Not a lot of people walk by unless they’re coming to see me. It’s nice. Not a lot of traffic. I’m a little hermit down here. 

TBC: Do you ever wonder about changing up your theme? 

NW: I don’t know. That’s a good question. Not right now. What I would like to do is play more famous golf courses so I can put them up all around. Maybe just continue the theme but not abandon it. 

TBC: Is there anything that you’ve always felt was important for you to make your office a personal space? 

NW: Family pictures for sure. That’s the answer. 

TBC: Is there anything that you would say distinguishes your office from other professors? 

NW: I don’t know, to be honest. That’s a terrible answer. I don’t visit many other offices. I don’t have my diplomas hanging on the wall. A lot of them like to do that. 

The famous espresso machine in White’s office. Photo by Elle Rotter

TBC: I’d say maybe that coffee machine in the back of your desk. 

NW: Oh, you’re absolutely right! This is huge because it’s my whole identity down here. 

TBC: Coffee? 

NW: Espresso specifically. This is definitely the difference-maker here. I pride myself on making really good espresso. If anyone who ever wants one comes down here, they can get one. I’ve spent a pretty penny on it. I also have this. It’s espresso-infused cane sugar. Not only are you going to get espresso, you’re going to get the good stuff too. That’s the identifier. I gave candy too, but students don’t take that. The coffee is more popular. I’m telling you. I’ve had skeptics about my coffee. They’re like, “Nah, I’ll just go to Starbucks,” and I’m like, “Try mine first.” 

The delicious espresso made by Nick White. Photo by Elle Rotter

TBC: Suddenly this has turned into a commercial. 

NW: Yeah, come on down! I’m working on getting a break room for us. I’m hopeful to change up a storage room and get an espresso machine down there and make it a thing. 

TBC: Is there anything specific that’s your favorite aspect of your office? 

NW: The espresso machine. Well, I like Bryce Golden’s jersey. Actually, I don’t know. Probably the best thing about the office is, well those are screenplays because I’m in the Writer’s Guild and they mail them to me. The thank you notes … my [Emmy is] okay. I like my TV because it allows me to see students’ work when working with them. If I was vain, I’d say “Yeah, look at my Emmy!” 

TBC: Well, you’ve got to talk about the Emmy at some point right? 

NW: Yeah. I’ve got one. It was not my best day at work, but it happened to be the day breaking news was happening. I was on a really good team and got lucky. That’s how I feel about it. 

TBC: What a humble answer. 

NW: I was really young, comparatively at CBS2 in Chicago. I had a lot of really talented people [on my team] who are still there working. I don’t love to talk about it since it was a deadly tornado [we covered]. But it’s nice to be rewarded for something like that. I think the better award, which I don’t even have a statue for, was when I taught at a high school. We won a national award for a documentary. That was cooler. 

White showcases inspirational quotes on his whiteboard. Photo by Elle Rotter.

TBC: I saw your whiteboard outside with the quote. Do you write a new quote every day, or is that the one quote you like to keep? What does it mean to you? 

NW: It’s like an era thing. “What’s your era,” you know? We were going through award season, so that was my thing for Butler Sports Live. I told them, “Look. If you feel like you can do well on it, take your shot.” Maybe now though it’s time to transition to a new era.


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