Girl in Red is doing it again, baby: Album review

Girl in Red’s sophomore album, “I’m Doing It Again Baby!” takes listeners through a journey of love, introspection and self-acceptance. Photo courtesy of Rolling Stone


Singer-songwriter Marie Ulven, professionally known as Girl in Red, has been a prominent figure in the indie-pop scene since her debut single, “I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend”, was released in 2018. Fast forward six years later, and she has amassed almost 17 million monthly listeners on Spotify, with nearly a billion streams of her iconic track that instantly comes to mind for fans when her name is mentioned: “We Fell in Love in October”. 

Girl in Red skyrocketed to stardom with her 2021 debut album “If I Could Make It Go Quiet”, opening up about deeply personal themes of mental health struggles and embracing her queer identity. Surpassing her own expectations, she gained significant recognition, particularly with the Finneas-produced track “Serotonin”, and even had the opportunity to be Taylor Swift’s opening act on her Eras Tour last summer. 

Before the release 

Before the release of “I’m Doing It Again Baby!”, she teased fans with three captivating singles: “Too Much”, “Doing It Again Baby” and “You Need Me Now? (feat. Sabrina Carpenter)”. Each track offers a unique glimpse into Ulven’s introspective world, showcasing emotionally charged lyrics and infectious melodies. 

“Too Much” explores the navigation of overwhelming emotions and changing oneself for a romantic partner. Through haunting melodies and raw lyricism, Girl in Red depicts the feeling of minimized emotions, singing in the chorus, “Don’t say I’m too much/ That I’m over the top/ You don’t understand me/ We’re so different at heart”. 

In the transition from melancholy tones to upbeat bop, “Doing It Again Baby” exudes a high dose of effervescence, embodying the spirit of letting loose and embracing the moment. In continuation with this lively style, “You Need Me Now? (feat. Sabrina Carpenter)” is a blistering post-break-up banger that follows “Too Much” and “Doing It Again Baby” as the latest teaser. 


At 25, it’s clear Girl in Red is expanding her musical scope to document both the lows and highs of her life. She sings about the unfamiliar sensation of being in a cheerful mood, likening it to a voyage to Mars. In the album opener “I’m Back”, she jubilantly declares, “Hey, I took a shower today!” Sometimes, it’s the small victories that matter the most. 

However, “I’m Doing It Again Baby!” is not all sunshine and rainbows. Ulven does not hold back when delving into the insecurities and vulnerabilities each of her listeners has likely felt at some point in their lives. Her exploration of duality in this album enhances its depth, showcasing that joy and introspection can coexist. 

The album definitely takes listeners on a rollercoaster filled with emotional turns and mixed feelings, with every other track serving as an unexpected drop throughout the 28-minute run time. It is a testament to Ulven’s willingness to experiment with her music — whether that is appreciated by her fans or not, only time will tell. 

A charming characteristic that serves as an unequivocal standout is Ulven’s ability to be completely honest and authentic. This release is very different from recent artists in many ways, but a major theme is her confrontation with the pressure to follow a critically acclaimed debut. The album also explores how Ulven wrestles with self-doubt alongside ambition. The album’s finale, “★★★★★”, playfully questions the album’s merit. 

Overall, “I’m Doing It Again Baby!” faces life’s messy truths with humor and sincerity. A musical coming-of-age narrative, Girl in Red celebrates self-acceptance and the ups and downs of self-growth in today’s day and age. As Ulven continues to evolve as an artist, one cannot help but wonder: what new emotional depths will she explore next, and how will her music continue to shape and reflect the experiences of herself and her growing audience? 

“I’m Doing It Again Baby!” is available now on all major streaming platforms and in stores.


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