Dawgs with Style: Frances Anderson

Photos by Jada Gangazha.

MEGAN FULLER | STAFF REPORTER | mafuller@butler.edu

College fashion is constantly shifting in order to accommodate function, follow trends in form and reflect the changing nature of the world that students live in. Here on Butler’s campus, students are finding new ways to merge their leisure time with their professional life. Read on to discover the next of our Dawgs with Style through a Q&A style interview. 

Frances Anderson, a junior arts administration art + design student, keeps things fun and colorful. With an arts background, Anderson does not only wear clothes, but pieces of art. Inspired by her friends, family and celebrity icons, she creates a unique personal style. Anderson shared some insight into her closet with us. 

THE BUTLER COLLEGIAN: How would you describe your personal style?

FRANCES ANDERSON: I dress in a mixture of a lot of different styles. I like a lot of maximalism, so I like a lot of colors and a lot of patterns, and I’m not afraid to mix them. I also like to match my style to people that I admire.

TBC: Who are your style icons?

FA: My wardrobe comes from a lot of different sources. Right now, my style icons are Enya Umanzor and then Drew Phillips from “Emergency Intercom,” which is a podcast that I love. [I also admire] Doja Cat because she’s my favorite singer. I also draw inspiration from the 90s, like Winona Ryder and people like that as well.

TBC: When did you start to develop the style you have now?

FA: I feel like my style has changed a lot throughout my life. I usually can’t really stick to a certain style. I’ve always been drawn by certain styles and certain colors and things because I have an art background. 

TBC: Have any friends or family helped to influence your style?

FA: My mother has influenced me a lot. My mother has a great personal style. She’s always just worn things that she loves with confidence and taught me to do the same.

TBC: Are there any artists who influence your style?

FA: I like elements of artists, styles and aesthetics, not necessarily what’s in their closet. Some of them would include Keith Haring — I like his pop art — Andy Warhol and then Paul Frank too.

TBC: What is your favorite article of clothing in your closet right now?

FA: I would have to say, my favorite article of clothing is my E.T. Sweater Vest. It is [from] Heaven by Marc Jacobs.

TBC: As you’ve developed your own individual style, what are three articles of clothing that you feel like everybody needs in their closet?

FA: I think basics are the way to go. My top three would be a good pair of loafers or like a sneaker that you can pair with everything. A white t-shirt too; they come in handy. [Finally,] a really good fitting pair of jeans. 

TBC: How do you determine what outfit to wear each day?

FA: I look at the weather, and that determines if I wear a dress or pants. If I’m feeling really colorful and excited for the day, that usually determines how much color I wear. If I’m a little bit tired, then I’ll be more casual. It just depends on my mood.

TBC: What is an accessory you cannot leave the house without?

FA: Probably my necklaces. They’re gifts from my best friends and my mom. I like to carry them with me.

TBC: What is your favorite current style trend?

FA: Wearing bows in your hair.

TBC: Do you find it difficult to have a more unique style in an environment like Butler?

FA: Yes and no. I feel like I’m pretty set on things that I like, but I do find the more I spend here and the more I draw inspiration from others, my style seems to change versus when I’m at home. I feel like the people who are around you affect what you wear and how you want to style yourself because there’s a part of you that still wants to fit in. I definitely feel like I fall in that category sometimes, but I try not to.

TBC: What is some advice you have for people who are struggling to find their own style or the confidence to wear what they want?

FA: This is so cliche, but wear what makes you feel really comfortable. Try to draw inspiration from people and things you relate to in your life as well. Find clothes that express who you are and how you feel. The most important thing is to be comfortable in the clothes you are in, and even if other people aren’t wearing it, who cares?


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