The Collegian Mini: 3/27/24

Graphic by Leah Ollie.


Try out the crossword by picking up the newspaper from around campus, printing it out or drawing on the image using your device, then scroll down to the bottom of this page for the answers.



1. Team that Erin Clark, Olivia Roberts, Katie Petran, Leigh Vande Hei and Makenna Alexander play on

3. Word that basketball fans use to describe the month of March

4. Yours may be busted

7. Event held by the Diversity Center that shares name with reality TV show

8. New type of affirmation closet in Atherton Union 



2. Big music festival held in Grant Park in Chicago

5. This sacred month is a time for fasting, charity and celebration for the estimated 1.8 billion Muslims worldwide

6. Team women’s lacrosse defeated in Big East matchup

9. Album titled “Older” by this artist is previewed on page 5

10. Section editors who made this crossword

11. Disease that Opinion Columnist Anna Gritzenbach educates on page 7

12. Last name of author who wrote “Verity” and “Ugly Love”

13. Final event in the Visiting Black Intellectual series featured research on this mythological creature



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