Haworth and Walls win SGA presidential election

Walls and Haworth, both sophomores, campaigned on a platform of transparency, passion and results. Photo by Natalie Goo.

ALISON MICCOLIS | EDITOR-IN-CHIEF | amiccolis@butler.edu 

After the polls closed at 8 p.m. on March 5, the spring 2024 Student Government Association election ended, with the presidency and vice presidency going to Sydney Haworth and Gracie Walls. 

Haworth-Walls was one of two presidential and vice presidential tickets. Of the 1,271 students who voted — more than 400 less than last year’s election — 60.18% voted for Haworth-Walls. The other 39.81% voted for Sadia Khatri and Rai Singh. 

Each ticket received a 1% vote deduction due to violations. After accounting for these deductions, Haworth-Walls received 752 votes and Khatri-Singh received 493 votes. 

President-elect Sydney Haworth is a sophomore speech, language and hearing sciences major. Vice president-elect Gracie Walls is a sophomore biology major. The Haworth-Walls campaign stood on three core pillars: transparency, passion and results. 

At the presidential debate on Feb. 28, Haworth and Walls explained their plan to create an SGA guide. Walls explained that it will include an overview of SGA, an explanation of the different positions and their election processes, an overview of voting protocols and an overview of meeting schedules. 

Haworth ended the debate promising that she and Walls are prepared to take on their newly-elected roles. 

“We have collected the knowledge needed to perform with the best of our abilities,” Haworth said. “We care so deeply about each and every student organization and are cheering them on to pursue their missions.” 


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