The Collegian Mini: 4/3/24

Graphic by Leah Ollie.


Try out the crossword by picking up the newspaper from around campus, printing it out or drawing on the image using your device, then scroll down to the bottom of this page for the answers.


2. Solar event that is coming on the 8th, DO NOT LOOK AT IT

3. Cayenne, paprika, saffron, with this you control the universe

5. A large sand pile, or a science fiction franchise

7. Term for spellcasters

8. A feeling in academics of exhaustion, or a Green Day song



1. Oh my god! They killed this South Park character

4. An American currency

5. For fans of rap music this name’s prefix is MF, for fans of comics it is Dr.

6. A term used for right rotating motion, think time-smart

9.  A holiday bird or a transcontinental country

10. Maroon 5 was at one of these trying to call home, the British variety are red boxes

11. The center instrument in the article “Finale of Firsts”


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