Maintenance plans new parking and living space

The Butler University maintenance committee is looking to start addressing the lack of parking and shrinking living space within the next month.

Butler is in the midst of many renovations, including a $1.7 million restoration on the exterior of Hinkle Fieldhouse.

The restoration was funded by a national grant and a matched dollar amount from the university.

The other major projects on campus include the completion of the Schrott Center and the refurbishment of Jordan Hall.

Senior Project Manager Craig Hardee said that a master plan was drawn up in 2011 that included more renovations for the campus.

“There is a total remodel for the interior of Hinkle in the design process, with new bathrooms, seats and scoreboard, along with a new residence hall located most likely in the front lawn of Schwitzer, renovations of the current halls and a parking garage,” Hardee said.

Rich Michal, executive director of facilities, said that the parking garage is a huge need because total enrollment is growing and the need for more space is vital.

However, members of the committee are trying to maintain the aesthetics of campus and not diminish it with this new structure, which would most likely be located near Schwitzer Hall and the Fairbanks Center.

“Butler is a traditional land-locked campus, and we want to maintain that so this campus is beautiful for centuries to come,” Michal said.

Jerry Carlson, director of maintenance services, said that the 2011 master plan that was drawn up will hopefully be completed within the next few years.

“We have a September board meeting which will point us in what direction to take, but the parking garage is so far set to be completed in August of 2014, which will be just in time for the new year in preparation of increasing enrollment,” Carlson said.

Though current students may not see all these projects completed in their time at Butler, the plans are set to improve this campus for many years to come.


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