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Danko’s State of The University addressed Big East, construction, sexual assault, among others

By: Marais Jacon-Duffy Editor-in-Chief University President James Danko highlighted progress made and progress yet to be made in his State of the University address this morning. He discussed issues such as sexual assault, Butler’s move to the Big East, new facilities and construction on campus, changes in administrative positions and also addressed an article published in

“One Policy, One Process”

MARAIS JACON-DUFFY NEWS EDITOR Butler University plans to implement a Title IX policy to cover students, faculty and staff. This policy will follow the guidelines of the “one policy, one process” model many colleges and universities now practice. This model was created by the Association of Title IX Administrators, an association made of K-12 and

Those of legal drinking age can still face punishment for reckless behavior

MARAIS JACON-DUFFY | NEWS EDITOR Think you’re home free to drink when you turn 21? Not exactly—at least not on Butler’s campus. The majority of alcohol-related ticketings and arrests on Butler’s campus in the past year involved minors possessing or consuming alcohol, according to Butler University Police Department crime logs. That’s not to say students

Diversity, excitement and concern: a glance at Butler’s newest class

ALEXANDRA BODE Staff Reporter   Butler University welcomed a record-breaking class last weekend. It was not size, but the group’s diversity which put it in the school’s history books. The class of 2017 is the most ethnically and geographically diverse freshman class to date. Of the 1,025 new students,  14.4 percent label themselves as “multicultural,”

Bulldogs begin Big East era

BY BEN SIECK | ASSISTANT SPORTS EDITOR Despite a tumultuous offseason for men’s basketball, Butler officials remain optimistic about the school’s move to the Big East this season. Associate athletic director Mike Freeman said he believes that sooner was better for a conference change already in the works. “What we’ve learned in our recent history with

Butler celebrates its dog

The crowd at Butler University’s Starbucks last Friday afternoon consisted of students, faculty, local media and even a couple from Los Angeles-—all for a dog. Butler Blue II was celebrating both his birthday and retirement, with desserts for the crowd and a two-hour-long photo-op. The Butler University Student Foundation plans the birthday party each year

Three candidates vie for SGA presidency

Next Monday, the Butler University student body will vote for a new Student Government Association president. Whoever it picks will be in charge of representing student interests and close to three quarters of a million dollars. The members of SGA  hope this year’s election has a better turnout than previous years, said Abigail Springer, a

Officials looking for student feedback on new facility

The proposed parking garage at Butler University will likely add a significant amount of housing—in addition to parking spaces—if it is approved by the Board of Trustees. Vice President for Student Affairs Levester Johnson presented preliminary sketches of possible new rooms at a Student Government Association meeting last week. “We wanted to get (students’) feedback

STAFF EDITORIAL | Student opinion is valuable

Plans for a residence hall and parking garage have come to light. Vice President of Student Affairs Levester Johnson unveiled a few residence hall floor plans at the Student Government Association meeting on Oct. 24 for representatives to discuss. Administrators and SGA have a huge opportunity to connect to students by involving them in the

Hopkins Dismissed

Junior guard Chrishawn Hopkins was dismissed from the Butler men’s basketball team, according to a statement released by the athletics department last Wednesday. “I am sorry to have to announce that Chrishawn Hopkins has been dismissed from our team,” coach Brad Stevens said in the release. “We consider it a privilege to represent Butler University