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Hope, activism, compassion: The legacy of Margaret Brabant

Hope, activism, compassion: The legacy of Margaret Brabant

After nearly 30 years of community-building and passionate educating, political science professor Margaret Brabant is retiring from Butler, leaving a legacy behind that her students and those who have had the opportunity to work with her will seek to carry on.

STAFF EDITORIAL | Student opinion is valuable

Plans for a residence hall and parking garage have come to light. Vice President of Student Affairs Levester Johnson unveiled a few residence hall floor plans at the Student Government Association meeting on Oct. 24 for representatives to discuss. Administrators and SGA have a huge opportunity to connect to students by involving them in the

Speakers Lab to continue under new leadership

Butler University’s Speakers Lab will continue to exist under new leadership next year, despite the death of Paul Sandin, the lab’s former director. “There has never been someone in the back of our mind, but any of the faculty in the communications department would be awesome,” said Marci Kolb, a sophomore public relations major and

A composer for the ages

The legacy of a man considered to be one of the top five most programmed composers—along with Handel, Brahms, Mendelssohn and Mozart—can be found deep within the workings of Butler University’s Lilly Hall. This composer, teacher and faculty member is music theory and history professor James Mulholland.  Mulholland has worked as a music professor at

OPINION | Don’t let Indy pride stop after Super Bowl weekend

Students should still be active in community, even without national spotlight on Indianapolis. The recent Super Bowl madness is giving the rest of the nation a chance to learn what the Butler University community has known since 1855: Indianapolis is a super city, and that fact has nothing to do with a visit from Jimmy