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Dr. Terri Jett: Leaving an irreplaceable legacy

Dr. Terri Jett: Leaving an irreplaceable legacy

“As leader of the Hub and the first Black woman in Butler’s history to attain full professor status, Jett has represented Butler while forging new connections to cultivate Black scholarship and foster community in Indianapolis.”

GHS department to offer new study abroad option

The global and historical studies department is hosting its first student-study tour to Cuba for 10 days from May 15-25, 2012. Students will study different sustainability issues in a three-credit course, “Sustainability & The Cuban Revolution,” taught by Craig Auchter, professor of political science. Auchter will escort the group through five designated areas of the

Professor seeks to lead students

By Teresa Brooks College is the time in a person’s life where he or she  can begin to grow, not only as an academic, but as their own person.  That’s why college professors are so important to students—they help people find themselves. Margaret Brabant, a political science professor and chair of the faculty senate, knows