GHS department to offer new study abroad option

The global and historical studies department is hosting its first student-study tour to Cuba for 10 days from May 15-25, 2012.

Students will study different sustainability issues in a three-credit course, “Sustainability & The Cuban Revolution,” taught by Craig Auchter, professor of political science.

Auchter will escort the group through five designated areas of the country.  He said he previously took students to Cuba before former President George W. Bush made it more difficult to travel to the island.

Auchter stressed that although most study abroad students typically receive a GHS credit while away, this particular trip does not satisfy the GHS requirement.  He said the main reason is because the course is above the 200 level.

Sophomore Spanish major Cinthia McGuire said she plans to apply for the trip.  She said this is a great opportunity to go to Cuba, especially because of Cuba’s strained relationship with the United States.

“Since I am a Spanish major, I am looking forward to practicing with native speakers,” McGuire said.

Paul Hanson, professor of history, explained that the Mitchell-Hall endowment is supporting the trip.

Hanson said they want to deepen students’ immersion in culture by actually being there.

“We are excited for this, and we hope students will be too,” Hanson said.

McGuire said the parameters of the trip have put her at ease.

“Knowing that I will be traveling with a group from Butler, I feel a lot safer,” McGuire said.

Applications must be submitted to Laura Cobb by Jan. 25, 2012 in order to be considered for the trip, along with the $1,250 cost that is necessary to attend.


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