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A peek behind the curtain of curriculum

A peek behind the curtain of curriculum

Students have an instinctive sense for when a lecture is going well, but they may not be able to pinpoint the reasons why. Dr. Jorgensen and two education majors share the different methods they use to plan their lessons.

STAFF EDITORIAL | Core curriculum should be evaluated

Each year, Butler University students spend an average of 15 hours a week sitting in classrooms. Even more time is spent outside the classrooms working on homework, cramming for tests or completing cultural requirements. For 16 weeks each semester, students are bogged down with college commitments. And while a heavy load is something each student 

‘Close to enough’ faculty for GHS next fall

Numbers that suggested Butler University’s global and historical studies program was having trouble finding professors to teach classes were misleading, according to the program director. “GHS classes that full-time lecturers teach were not reflected in those numbers,” Paul Hanson, director of the GHS program, said. “So, in fact, we are quite close to having enough

GHS department to offer new study abroad option

The global and historical studies department is hosting its first student-study tour to Cuba for 10 days from May 15-25, 2012. Students will study different sustainability issues in a three-credit course, “Sustainability & The Cuban Revolution,” taught by Craig Auchter, professor of political science. Auchter will escort the group through five designated areas of the