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Butler Cultural Requirements: “Eight before you graduate”

ALEXANDRA BODE STAFF REPORTER Typing ‘www.butler.edu/core’ into your search bar will lead you to the main website for the Butler University Core Curriculum. Then, if you look further, you will see a list of the core requirements. If you click on Butler Cultural Requirements, two bullet points will appear which state the learning objectives for

Core requirement suspended for current upperclassmen

The Faculty Senate approved the suspension of the Speaking Across the Curriculum requirement for all upperclassmen. The senate met last Tuesday, and voted to suspend the courses after nearly an hour of discussion. Diane Timmerman, theatre professor, said the workload professors must take on to teach this course is too much. “Some of my colleagues

Evaluating the core

Some Butler University students may soon have different core curriculum requirements than the rest of the student body. A proposal that would give Butler’s colleges the power to exempt students who entered Butler before the end of the 2011-12 school year from completing the Speaking Across the Curriculum requirement passed Faculty Senate’s curriculum committee. It

STAFF EDITORIAL | Core curriculum should be evaluated

Each year, Butler University students spend an average of 15 hours a week sitting in classrooms. Even more time is spent outside the classrooms working on homework, cramming for tests or completing cultural requirements. For 16 weeks each semester, students are bogged down with college commitments. And while a heavy load is something each student 

OPINION | Full liberal arts education needed

The liberal arts focus at Butler University is an integral part of students’ educational experience. This becomes especially important during scheduling, when it is much easier to notice and disparage the problems with the core curriculum. Although the core curriculum needs some improvements, students must not forget the importance of a liberal arts education. The