Core requirement suspended for current upperclassmen

The Faculty Senate approved the suspension of the Speaking Across the Curriculum requirement for all upperclassmen.

The senate met last Tuesday, and voted to suspend the courses after nearly an hour of discussion.

Diane Timmerman, theatre professor, said the workload professors must take on to teach this course is too much.

“Some of my colleagues have had a difficult time squeezing in the amount of time that has been designated for Speaking Across the Curriculum,” Timmerman said.

The vote passed with the necessary majority, a count of 24 in favor, eight opposed and two abstaining.

Vivian Deno, assistant history professor, said the timing of the vote was what made her decide against the motion to suspend.

“I think we need to hear more discussion on the issue,” Deno said. “I support the spirit of the vote, but the timeliness will make me vote against the motion.”

Any students who started their studies in the fall of 2012 will still have to take a course to meet this requirement.

Chris Bungard, assistant classical studies professor, said he wants the senate to recognize a decision needs to be made regarding the course and current first-year students.

“This vote is leaving the course as a requirement for freshman,” Bungard said. “We need to make sure first-year students can reasonably fulfill this course by the time they are juniors and seniors.”

Other agenda items during the meeting included the new executive director, the proposed parking garage and a retirement phase committee.

Most topics, aside from Speaking Across the Curriculum, were tabled for more discussion at the next meeting.


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