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New Social Justice and Diversity core requirement begins implementation phase

New Social Justice and Diversity core requirement begins implementation phase

After two years of debate, students will have to take SJD designated course after implementation and pilot programs are complete.

Evaluating the core

Some Butler University students may soon have different core curriculum requirements than the rest of the student body. A proposal that would give Butler’s colleges the power to exempt students who entered Butler before the end of the 2011-12 school year from completing the Speaking Across the Curriculum requirement passed Faculty Senate’s curriculum committee. It

Vote passed to address holidays

Faculty Senate passed a proposal Tuesday to revise the university policy concerning students’ rights to request accommodations for religious observances. “There was an effort to clarify the language of the policy,” said Margaret Brabant, Faculty Senate chair. “It also helps to reiterate the very important message of student responsibility.” The new policy requires students to

Senate tables new COB major

The Faculty Senate is currently looking at a motion to either pass the College of Business’s prospective new major, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, or revise the major’s curriculum. Senators discussed the new major at the Oct. 2 meeting. Faculty members from multiple colleges expressed concern with the curriculum, most specifically the electives offered for the major

Faculty Senate debates effectiveness of committees

Faculty members debated and discussed how to make committee meetings more effective at the Nov. 1 Faculty Senate meeting. Some senators said the committees are not effectively communicating and meeting due to the lack of common availability and unreserved locations. They said these conflicts are making it difficult to deal with the workload each committee

Librarians mark full year of being recognized as faculty members

Librarians were elevated to faculty status last October, but the changes are just now reflected in Butler University’s faculty handbook. Dean of libraries Lewis Miller said there were multiple reasons why he and associate dean for public services Sally Neal lobbied Butler’s Faculty Senate last year to make librarians members of the faculty. “Librarians do