Faculty Senate votes on raises

Faculty Senate members voted in favor of a motion Tuesday that endorses cost-of-living raises until true merit-based raises for faculty can be funded.

The Senate voted 27-5-1 on the motion.

The motion, as amended, states, “Raises should be identified as COLA until a time when true merit raises can be funded above COLA. COLA should be dispensed with a minimal amount of faculty and administrative time spent with reporting. Merit, when funds are available, should be competitive and awarded by application.”

Robin Turner, assistant political science professor, said her understanding of the motion is that for cost-of-living raises, people submit something fairly simple.

“We really don’t need long forms for a minimal raise,” she said. “If funds were to be available for merit-based, you would have to apply for it.”

Vivian Deno, associate professor of history, said that she appreciates the concern of the motion, but in 20 years she has not had a raise that has kept up with the cost of living.

“I would like our experience to reflect us as professors,” she said.

Hilene Flanzbaum, an English professor, said the motion can serve as a guiding principle for upper administration to consider.

“It could be an incentive for the board to come up with real merit pay,” she said.


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