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LETTER TO THE EDITOR | “College Fix” article disappointing

My former adviser at Butler sent me an opinion piece by Ryan Lovelace in The College Fix in which he expresses some troubling opinions on the nature of Butler’s liberal arts curriculum and the liberal arts in general. As a former photography editor of The Collegian, my first reaction was disappointment that a journalist from

UNIVERSITY RESPONSE | A message to Butler from President Danko about inclusivity

University President Jim Danko wrote the following message to the entire campus December 1. Dear Butler University Students, Faculty and Staff: According to our Statement of Guiding Principles, at Butler University we work toward respect and dignity for all individuals in our community and aim to promote an open and tolerant environment for voicing opinions.

OPINION | Full liberal arts education needed

The liberal arts focus at Butler University is an integral part of students’ educational experience. This becomes especially important during scheduling, when it is much easier to notice and disparage the problems with the core curriculum. Although the core curriculum needs some improvements, students must not forget the importance of a liberal arts education. The

OPINION | Equity raises a moral necessity

Butler University’s Board of Trustees has decided to table  the topic of equity raises once again. The Trustees decided to withhold equity raises until a later date due to other concerns. President Jim Danko recommended as much last fall. While business concerns play a vital and practical role in the university, Butler must prioritize moral

OPINION | SOPA and PIPA cause website outburst

Unless you have been living under a rock or have been hit by an electromagnetic pulse and electronic devices are not working, surely you have heard or seen something about the bills that the government is trying to pass. Those bills are commonly referred to as SOPA and PIPA. SOPA stands for ‘Stop Online Piracy

Media programs merge in new college

Earlier this summer, Butler finalized the process of creating its sixth college—The College of Communication—which will integrate all of the existing communications and media programs under one roof. The decision was the result of a proposal made last year by several of Butler’s communication and media departments. “There have been two failed attempts to try