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Opinion editors rebrand as sport aficionados

Opinion editors rebrand as sport aficionados

Our editorial board is bursting with athletic potential, yet their prowess has been ignored for far too long in favor of overtime musings, previews and recaps. We’ve taken the liberty of selecting the most obscure sports and assigning each editor to the ones we feel they would excel at.

Dear House of Representatives, please enact the Sunshine Protection Act

I truly wish I were joking when I say that out of the eight time changes I’ve experienced while attending Butler University, four of them have involved miscommunication with other countries, nearly-missed interviews, frantic emailing, Google searching “what time is it right now in ‘x place,’” embarrassment and interpersonal distress.

Dawgs in need — stay at home orders may put vulnerable students at risk of trafficking and abuse

Human trafficking is the world’s fastest growing crime, and it has not slowed during the global coronavirus pandemic. Columnist Emma Beavins explores major themes of trafficking and abuse and offers tips on how to report suspicious digital activity.