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Holistic alternatives to staying healthy during this pandemic

Disclaimer — if you are experiencing any symptoms of the coronavirus please go to your nearest facility to be tested and treated. The alternatives I will be listing are not to cure the virus, they are simply to boost immunity, help with minor cold-like symptoms and raise happiness levels during this trying time.

Bring your own hazmat suits: Jordan Hall disrepair causes illness in faculty

Over the past year and a half, Pam Crea has sought assistance for an ongoing illness through the HR department at Butler, and has been misguided at every turn. Her medically-advised requests for relocation were denied. The university’s response to her plea was simple and inflexible: no administrative assistant may be separated from their department.

Sinophobic coronavirus fears hurt the Asian community

As coronavirus continues to dominate our discourse, active racism toward Asian communities — known as sinophobia — is becoming more and more prominent. One of the best ways to combat this vile trend is simple: continue to patronize Asian-owned businesses, especially restaurants.