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“Comes with donning the uniform”

MARAIS JACON-DUFFY NEWS EDITOR An air of mourning clouded the Butler University Police Department after Friday’s shooting in Indianapolis. Officers have covered their badges with a black elastic band since Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officer Rod Bradway’s death. BUPD Sergeant Chris Marcum’s eyes filled with tears while reflecting on the dangers and possibility of death

IMPD has lead on Sunday’s armed robbery

BY MELISSA IANNUZZI | ASST. NEWS EDITOR The Butler University and Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Departments are searching for individuals who robbed two Butler students at gunpoint. Detective Bruce Allee said IMPD appears to have a lead in the case. Two Butler students were walking on 42nd Street around 3 a.m. Sunday when a car stopped

OPINION | BUPD acted correctly in chase

Butler University students took to social media Sunday—about a camel. During the hunt for an armed man on and around campus, students received a message from Butler University Police Department stating the suspect was seen running “towrad the camel.” I could handle a few misspellings as long as they meant I was staying informed. BUPD

OPINION | BUPD’s new K-9 challenges fame of Butler Blue II

Heads up  Blue II.  The Butler University community welcomed a mixed labrador named Marcus right before the fall semester finished. Marcus is part of the new K-9 unit in the Butler University Police Department, and although I love Blue II, I am excited to see Marcus around campus hounding down criminals. As bold as this