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BUPD detective solves cases between classes

Alexandra Bode Staff Reporter Butler University Police Department’s detective knows what it’s like to be a college student—because he is one. Detective Bruce Allee decided last year to continue his college career by working toward a master’s degree in history at Butler. From the start, Allee was destined to work at Butler University. In 2010,

IMPD has lead on Sunday’s armed robbery

BY MELISSA IANNUZZI | ASST. NEWS EDITOR The Butler University and Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Departments are searching for individuals who robbed two Butler students at gunpoint. Detective Bruce Allee said IMPD appears to have a lead in the case. Two Butler students were walking on 42nd Street around 3 a.m. Sunday when a car stopped

Theft increases again

With the weather at Butler University finally warming up, an influx of theft—particularly of bicycles—is occurring. Five bicycles were reported stolen to Butler University Police Department between March 29 and April 3. Most recently, a tire off a bicycle outside Ross Hall was stolen on April 12. BUPD Detective Bruce Allee said despite bicycle theft

High rates of heroin use reported

Heroin use is on the rise among college-aged people in the Indianapolis area. According to Butler University Police Department Detective Bruce Allee, heroin is present on Butler’s campus but less than state school campuses. “The scary thing about heroin is that an experienced addict can appear to be functioning,” Allee said. “They will graduate college

Unattended items result in theft

Butler University is experiencing a spike in small electronics theft from academic buildings. On Monday, Feb. 25, four items were stolen from the Pharmacy and Health Sciences Building, Holcomb Building and Gallahue Hall between 7:15 and 8:30 a.m. The items were taken from open lounge areas in the building and one open classroom where a

Email scam targets college students

A common Internet scam  targeting tutors, babysitters and nannies has reached Butler University. Butler University Police Department sent out a timely warning email to all students with a brief description of the scam on Feb. 27. So far two Butler students have had prolonged contact with the scammers, but neither were hurt, said Bruce Allee,

OPINION | Bike owners, be proactive to prevent theft

In the past year, Butler University has suffered a series of bicycle thefts. Students, faculty and staff reported nine stolen bikes in the past three months. The Butler University Police Department can do very little to prevent future thefts, so the responsibility falls on the bike owners. The worst possible response to crime involves blaming