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High rates of heroin use reported

Heroin use is on the rise among college-aged people in the Indianapolis area. According to Butler University Police Department Detective Bruce Allee, heroin is present on Butler’s campus but less than state school campuses. “The scary thing about heroin is that an experienced addict can appear to be functioning,” Allee said. “They will graduate college

In the community: Butler freshman reaches out to change the way children perceive police officers

Growing up on the South Side of Chicago, Derrick Rogan saw a problem in his community.  Rogan noticed his neighbors viewed police officers as enemies rather than  people trying to help.  Rather than idly sitting by, Rogan set out to make a change. A Butler freshman studying criminology, sociology and Spanish, Rogan became involved with

BUPD reacts to possible gun laws

In the months following the Sandy Hook shootings, lawmakers have been looking for effective security measures to employ at campuses around the country. A bill proposed to the Indiana General Assembly would allow college students to carry concealed weapons. While the bill would not affect Butler because it is a private institution, the bill still

Armed robbers foil Family Weekend

Formal charges will likely be filed against a man who was involved in a CVS robbery just outside Butler University’s campus, while another remains at large. Michael Hewitt, an Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officer, said in an email that the case would be screened tomorrow at the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office. This allows formal charges