Armed robbers foil Family Weekend

Formal charges will likely be filed against a man who was involved in a CVS robbery just outside Butler University’s campus, while another remains at large.

Michael Hewitt, an Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officer, said in an email that the case would be screened tomorrow at the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office. This allows formal charges to be filed.

Dallas Beard, 38, was arrested following a police chase that spilled onto campus. He has been charged with robbery, resisting law enforcement, criminal recklessness and possession of marijuana.

Another man involved in the robbery escaped during a foot chase with IMPD and Butler University Police  Department forces.

The man was described as a 6-foot, 200-pound white male with short brown hair. He was wearing a burgundy-colored shirt and blue jeans.

IMPD officers responded to a robbery in progress at the CVS located on 119 W. 56th Street around 11:30 a.m. last Sunday.

Vicky Lobb, CVS assistant manager, said a man entered the store and produced a note that demanded drugs from the pharmacy

A BUPD vehicle eventually spotted the getaway car, a black 2006 Ford Mustang, and pursued it.

After a brief police chase, the two men abandoned their vehicle just south of Atherton Union and the Mall.

Beard, who, according to the report, was driving the vehicle, was captured by police forces.

Nick Frisone, a Butler parent on campus for the school’s Family Weekend, chased Beard, knocking him over and allowing police to apprehend him.

Officers recovered a bottle of Oxycontin, a bottle and pill of Adderall, three bottles of Opana and a bottle of amphetamine mix.

Brass nunchucks, a 10-inch knife and a baton were also taken from the Mustang.

A black, long-haired wig was also discovered in the vehicle. In September, IMPD arrested a man who robbed three Indianapolis CVS stores a total of four times while wearing a black, long-haired wig. That man stole Oxycontin and Oxycondone.

There have been 11 drug-related robberies and attempted robberies at Indianapolis CVS stores in 2012, according to IMPD’s Facebook page, IndyUnsolved.


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