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BUPD reacts to possible gun laws

In the months following the Sandy Hook shootings, lawmakers have been looking for effective security measures to employ at campuses around the country. A bill proposed to the Indiana General Assembly would allow college students to carry concealed weapons. While the bill would not affect Butler because it is a private institution, the bill still

Group calls on Butler men to discuss sexual violence

Men Against Sexual Violence, a new group at Butler, is trying to gain interest. The group held its first interest meeting on Sept. 26 and a second on Oct. 25. The organization aims to be a peer-education group that advocates stopping sexual violence and assault. The group is also aiming to encourage positive masculinity. Group

Sexual assault report raises concerns regarding campus safety

University warnings have been in the campus consciousness following last Wednesday’s email from Butler University Police Department regarding an alleged sexual assault by an undisclosed individual that occurred at the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity house. Andrew Ryan, assistant chief of police at BUPD, said what is alleged to have happened at Phi Kappa Psi suggested