Group calls on Butler men to discuss sexual violence

Men Against Sexual Violence, a new group at Butler, is trying to gain interest.

Andrew Ryan

The group held its first interest meeting on Sept. 26 and a second on Oct. 25.

The organization aims to be a peer-education group that advocates stopping sexual violence and assault. The group is also aiming to encourage positive masculinity.

Group discussions will include many topics, including acceptable norms and behaviors of men on Butler’s campus.

Andrew Ryan, assistant police chief, started this group after hearing about it at conferences and from other universities with have similar programs.

Ryan said the focus of the group is to look at the acts of sexual assault and sexual violence from the perspective of a woman.

The group has only had two meetings. Ryan said the group will decide what kind of organization it wants to be and what kind of message it wants to portray.

The group will also come up with an official name, decide if it wants to partner with other organizations and choose what events it wants to host.

Ryan said he hopes the organization can develop friendships through positive interactions with fellow students.

Sarah Barnes Diaz, health education and outreach programs coordinator, is involved in the group right now as a supporter.

Diaz said women have been spearheading this issue for a while, but it needs to be something that everyone is talking about.

“I think that there is definitely a need for men to really take a stand about this,” Diaz said. “It isn’t a women’s issue; it’s a people issue.”

Freshman Colin Regan was in attendance at the first meeting for Men Against Sexual Violence.

Regan said he heard about the group through an email and said the group seems like a good cause to be involved in and a cause that needs awareness.

“Right now, we are just laying the foundations,” Regan said. “Hopefully, this group can flourish into something much bigger.”

“For this program to work,” Ryan said, “I think it’s going to take men who are going to be committed.”

Any men interested in joining should watch for announcements in The Butler Connection or contact Ryan.


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