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Faculty circulates parking position

Miranda Maritato | Staff Reporter Butler faculty is working to change the current regulations for parking lot two, located outside of the Fairbanks Center. In an effort to draw attention to the issue, College of Communication administrative assistant Maggie McGlynn and Liberal Arts and Sciences administrative assistant Amy Aldridge formed a petition to allow their

The ins and outs of FERPA

MELISSA IANNUZZI | ASST. NEWS EDITOR A group of Butler students gathered to smoke marijuana late one night when they were approached by a Butler University Police Department officer. He started to confiscate their drugs when one of the girls started seizing and fell to the ground. “I was absolutely terrified,” said the student, who

Apartment Village student circulating petition

JEFF STANICH | STAFF REPORTER A parking lot adjacent to Apartment Village often sits nearly empty 24 hours a day, seven days a week, because students who live in AV cannot park there. Because of this parking situation, multiple AV residents—with their parking options reduced—have been getting ticketed if they try to park in the

BUPD detective solves cases between classes

Alexandra Bode Staff Reporter Butler University Police Department’s detective knows what it’s like to be a college student—because he is one. Detective Bruce Allee decided last year to continue his college career by working toward a master’s degree in history at Butler. From the start, Allee was destined to work at Butler University. In 2010,

TKE parking lot sits empty

ALEXANDRA BODE STAFF REPORTER The 2013-2014 school year marks the second school year that Butler’s Tau Kappa Epsilon chapter is no longer active. The former TKE house is located between Phi Delta Theta and Alpha Chi Omega. Behind it is a lot with approximately 50 parking spots. Lately, many students have noticed how empty this

BUPD reacts to possible gun laws

In the months following the Sandy Hook shootings, lawmakers have been looking for effective security measures to employ at campuses around the country. A bill proposed to the Indiana General Assembly would allow college students to carry concealed weapons. While the bill would not affect Butler because it is a private institution, the bill still