New event security group hired

Butler University has reached a deal with Securitas, which will work security at large-scale events where alcohol is served on campus.

Sally Click, dean of student services, said Butler enforced a hiatus on Greek or large-scale events due to the lack of  a security company able to cover the alcohol-related risk.

In years past, student groups could hire off-duty security from Marion County law enforcement to work as the required security at their events.

Last summer, Marion County decided it no longer wanted to work these types of events.  The decision was not due to any incident but made in terms of general liability, said Becky Druetzler, director of Greek life.

Now that Securitas is willing to provide services, groups can register their events and request to serve alcohol if they so choose.

Groups must be approved before they serve alcohol and follow certain criteria as listed in the student handbook.

If a group requests to serve alcohol, stipulations include presence of security, approval at least two weeks in advance, good standing of the group and no alcohol purchases made with university funds.

“For the most part, it deals with how to manage our risk to provide fun and safe activities for everybody that fit within the parameters of the law and university policies,” Click said.

Along with risk management, Click said the task force wants to work on educating students on alcohol policy and the consequences for breaking it.

“Our primary concern is that students are making healthy choices and choices that will allow them to be healthy and successful Butler students,” said Sarah Barnes Diaz, health education and outreach programs coordinator.

Throughout the year, Diaz said a lot of conversation about the alcohol policy goes on to make sure students are educated on the topic.

New this year, incoming students must complete an online educational module before they come to campus. Named My Student Body, the class educates incoming students on alcohol, drugs and sexual assault.

Diaz said this helps make sure every student comes in with baseline knowledge of those critical issues and how they relate to Butler’s policies.

The task force is recommending taking out the pages in the handbook refering to the rule of requesting to have an event.  Even if taken out of the handbook, the rule will still remain in the policy.

“We just need the essential things that everybody needs to know (in the handbook), then link to it for people that are party planners,” Click said.

Druetzler said the committee that chose this company—which included herself, fraternity leadership, Assistant Police Chief Bill Weber and Dean of Student Life Irene Stevens—is professional and will work well with students while being proactive if issues occur at events.

The company has not been used yet because no event this semester has required its services.


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