Faculty circulates parking position

Miranda Maritato | Staff Reporter

Butler faculty is working to change the current regulations for parking lot two, located outside of the Fairbanks Center.

In an effort to draw attention to the issue, College of Communication administrative assistant Maggie McGlynn and Liberal Arts and Sciences administrative assistant Amy Aldridge formed a petition to allow their colleagues to support efforts to change the lot from a B permit designation to A permit parking.

The petition currently has 70 signatures from faculty and staff.

“I have been sending suggestions to BUPD for weeks, but getting no response,” Aldridge said.

Aldridge and McGlynn were most concerned about faculty parking near the Fairbanks building, which decreased from 112 A spots last school year to 36 spots this school year.

After an email regarding parking changes came out, Aldridge and McGlynn were excited a change was about to take place. But this lot was not changed in any manner.

“We decided to start the petition because Lot two (across from the Fairbanks Building) was changed from A to B parking this year. Since then, 50-60 spots sit open every single day,” McGlynn said. “There is no A parking behind Fairbanks after 8 a.m. At most, there have been seven valid vehicles parked in the lot.”

The petition states that “Lot 2 has been changed to B Parking and has remained unused since the start of the school year. Please allow A parking in this lot ASAP.”

The petition allows Butler staff and faculty to suggest a change to the parking lot.

“We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens who urge our leaders to act now to allow A parking in Lot 2,” the petition states. “Please allow a ‘mixed use’ lot of A/B or just A parking. Thank you for your consideration.”

Karen Holmes, lecturer of mathematics and actuarial science, signed the petition.

“Parking is no longer an issue for me since they opened up parking in the Irwin Library parking lot,” Holmes said. “But I see the concern.”

“Changes to this parking lot are in consideration,” Assistant Police Chief Bill Weber said. “I patrol on foot everyday, and I see those empty spots. My concern is that those permits have been sold, but no one is parking there.”

Weber said a change Butler University Police Department may possibly try is taking a row in the parking lot and allowing both A and B parking.

Decisions with regard to parking changes will be announced at today’s parking commitee meeting in Atherton Union.


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