Apartment Village student circulating petition


A parking lot adjacent to Apartment Village often sits nearly empty 24 hours a day, seven days a week, because students who live in AV cannot park there.
Because of this parking situation, multiple AV residents—with their parking options reduced—have been getting ticketed if they try to park in the empty lot.
AV resident Julia Levine wants that to change.
The lot was designated for AV residents in previous years.
Following changes to parking areas across campus, the lot is now designated for commuters, faculty and staff.
This lot sits across campus from the academic buildings, and a majority of commuters choose
not to use it.
“I can see the parking lot right outside my window, and I can’t park there,” Levine said. “Now it sits empty.”
Bill Weber, assistant police chief, said the parking area was changed for big events on campus, per requests from the city of Indianapolis, for more Butler Univerity event parking on campus.
“I don’t think we got (the changes) square on the head the first time,” Weber said. “More changes could be coming over this winter break.”
Levine started a petition that acquired more than 150 signatures in a matter of days.
She was hoping to present the petition to administrators this week, but Weber, who sits on the parking committee, said it might have to wait until November.
Weber said parking committee meetings only last an hour, and an agenda is already set for October’s meeting.
“This is a problem that could be fixed very simply,” Levine said. “Everyone I’ve talked to in AV and around campus is frustrated.”
Haley Baas is another AV resident who signed the petition. She said she feels the designation of the lot is wasting space.
“Commuters and professors don’t want to park there because it is so far away,” Baas said. “I hear from students every day who get tickets.”
Weber said students have voiced concerns with parking, and changes have been made because of them.
“I encourage any petition or opinion that anyone has,” We


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