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Butler building vibe check

Butler building vibe check

I get it, most people simply don’t possess the overwhelming psychic power that it takes to accurately read vibes. But I do. So, I present to you the definitive and factual ranking of Butler’s academic buildings based on their vibes.

Patio to be updated

The outdoor space between Gallahue Hall and the Holcomb Building will be a new study area for students by the beginning of next school year. Student Government Association approved the project last Wednesday. The executive board has been working on it since last semester. The new area will have tables with umbrellas and bar-height tables

Unattended items result in theft

Butler University is experiencing a spike in small electronics theft from academic buildings. On Monday, Feb. 25, four items were stolen from the Pharmacy and Health Sciences Building, Holcomb Building and Gallahue Hall between 7:15 and 8:30 a.m. The items were taken from open lounge areas in the building and one open classroom where a

Butler backs Rocky Ripple

The signs all over read: Save Our Homes. We Are Indy. Don’t Cripple the Ripple. Rocky Ripple is battling the United States Army Corps of Engineers’ plan for a 4-foot-tall, 8,200-foot-long floodwall that would exclude the neighborhood from protection. New to the list of opposing parties are Butler University and the Butler-Tarkington Neighborhood Association. Cosmetic