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Butler to build addition between Gallahue Hall and Holcomb Building

Butler to build addition between Gallahue Hall and Holcomb Building

A new atrium will connect the two academic buildings top to bottom, allowing the sciences to expand while business will move to their new building. Labs, classrooms and the science library will be renovated.

Students express concern with internship program

JEFF STANICH STAFF REPORTER Butler University’s College of Business is known as one of the best in the country in multiple categories. Bloomberg Businessweek distinguishes the internship program as the 12th-best in the nation, according to the COB section of Butler’s website. However, some students don’t believe the college deserves this high ranking. Several seniors

COB dean Williams to step down

JOE PERIN STAFF REPORTER College of Business Dean Chuck Williams will step down on May 31, 2014, after six years as the head of the college. Williams is leaving Butler University after helping the COB gain national recognition for its internship program, high national ranking and high graduate job placement. Williams said the average business

Officials expecting a smaller incoming class

Butler University’s Office of Admission projects the class of 2017 to be smaller than the record-breaking class of 2016. Tom Weede, vice president for enrollment management, said the goal is a freshman class of 1,050 students. “There have been lots of discussions about whether or not we should grow,” Weede said, “but discussing growth is

Motion passed to review administrators

Faculty Senate approved a motion on Oct. 2 to affirm Butler University’s commitment to regular review of its administrators. The Faculty Senate took more than two years to agree on four principles by which a tool for faculty review of administrators could be created. Faculty Senate had to consider the language carefully, said Margaret Brabant,

New major created within the COB

The College of Business is preparing for the creation of a new major and minor, entrepreneurship and innovation. Butler University’s Faculty Senate is scheduled to vote on the approval of the new major and minor at its meeting Oct. 2. “We’re expecting it to pass,” said Stephanie Fernhaber, assistant professor of management. “We’re assuming that

INTERNSHIPS IN SPOTLIGHT | Business program No. 2 in US

The College of Business was recently ranked No. 2 in undergraduate internships by Bloomberg Businessweek, and the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences is trying to make it easier for its undergraduates to gain experiential learning. Programs differ around the university, but seek the end goal of helping students become more qualified and competitive for

OPINION | Education crisis affects more than teachers

Butler University administrators spend a lot of time talking about the Pharmacy program and the College of Business—and for good reason. But the College of Education deserves some attention as well. Maybe it’s just me—I’ve lived with and am friends with several education majors—but it seems that Butler’s COE does a lot for its students

Background check policy might deter potential candidates

Administrators have begun reviewing Butler University’s  background check policy to evaluate its effectiveness and respond to fears that it is causing the university to lose candidates. Associate Provost Laura Behling said at the Feb. 21 Faculty Senate meeting that administrators have started to review both the cost and the time associated with background checks. The

Butler in new hands

Butler Universty President Jim Danko wants to understand the university as it is before he envisions its future. In his “State of the University” address Friday, he said, “It’s no longer OK to do what you’ve been doing all along and hope students come along…it’s more competitive.” Closing out his time as dean of the