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Senior-ish Sendoff-ish: Pharmacy student says goodbye

Senior-ish Sendoff-ish: Pharmacy student says goodbye

“As a student journalist, people are often surprised to hear I’m a pharmacy student. I myself often wonder if I’m the first editor in professional pharmacy school in the Collegian’s 138-year history. After all, what business does a healthcare major have in the student newspaper?”

Immunization-certified Butler students volunteer to administer the COVID-19 vaccine

Pharmacy students were able to use their classroom skills for good by volunteering to administer the COVID-19 vaccine in hospitals and clinics. With their immunization certification, several students helped St. Vincent Hospital vaccinate up to 400 people a day.

OPINION | Education crisis affects more than teachers

Butler University administrators spend a lot of time talking about the Pharmacy program and the College of Business—and for good reason. But the College of Education deserves some attention as well. Maybe it’s just me—I’ve lived with and am friends with several education majors—but it seems that Butler’s COE does a lot for its students

COPHS illustrates its world

Childhood consists of many blissful elements: Candyland, the zoo and Sesame Street to name a few.  The subject of pharmacy typically gets left off the list.  But one College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences professor at Butler University wants to help kids understand what it means to be a pharmacist by writing a children’s book.

Levi Smith named student employee of the year

Senior Levi Smith was named student employee of the year for his work with a new cancer treatment therapy. Smith is part of a pilot dual-degree program that combines a doctor of pharmacy and a master’s degree in pharmaceutical sciences. He works in the research lab with Alexandre Erkine, an associate professor of pharmacy. The

COPHS professor receives fellow award

Butler University’s Julie Koehler, a professor and chair of the pharmacy practice department, has been honored with the prestigious Fellow status by the American College of Clinical Pharmacy. This honor recognizes excellence in the practice of clinical pharmacy. The qualifications for nomination are practicing clinical pharmacy for at least 10 years, as well as at