COPHS professor receives fellow award

Butler University’s Julie Koehler, a professor and chair of the pharmacy practice department, has been honored with the prestigious Fellow status by the American College of Clinical Pharmacy.

This honor recognizes excellence in the practice of clinical pharmacy. The qualifications for nomination are practicing clinical pharmacy for at least 10 years, as well as at least a five-year membership in the ACCP. Roughly half of Butler’s College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences faculty are members of the ACCP.

“I was truly honored to have been nominated for such a prestigious recognition by my colleagues on a national level,” Koehler said.

Koehler is among 31 ACCP members nationwide selected for this award in 2010.

“When I reviewed the names of the other 30 individuals who were also selected, I was both proud and humbled, as the individuals selected for this year’s cohort constitute an impressive group of nationally recognized, extremely accomplished clinicians and academicians within the profession of clinical pharmacy,” Koehler said.

She was nominated for the award by her college professor and mentor, Kevin Sowinski of Purdue University.

“I thought that Koehler was a perfect candidate for the fellowship,” Sowinski said. “Awarding fellowship status in ACCP is a means to recognize the members that are leaders in the profession and have made sustained contributions to the College.”

Koehler’s colleagues are recognizing her achievements as well.

“Fellowship into ACCP is quite an honor for her as a clinician and as a teacher,” Jane Gervasio, vice chair and associate professor of pharmacy practice said. “She is being acknowledged by her colleagues and peers.”

“It is one of the highest honors you can receive from the institution,” Koehler said. “What it’s saying is that they have reviewed your work and they consider you one of our outstanding individuals in this institution.”

When it comes to her future research, Koehler is confident that the fellowship will open many doors and provide new opportunities for development.

“Connecting with other Fellows of ACCP will be a great opportunity to expand my network of professional colleagues across the country,” she said.

Certainly, having an ACCP Fellow as a faculty member is a great honor for the university as well.

“We think she’s great,” Gervasio said. “This is saying, on a national level, so do others.

“That says to her colleagues, to individuals, to constituents that we send out information and to the students here, that they do have an excellent teacher and an excellent practitioner.”

Of how this impacts her future role at Butler, Koehler said she hopes to continue to gain more opportunities.

“As chair of the department of pharmacy practice here at Butler, I hope that I can continue to lead by example and that I may be blessed with many additional opportunities to give back to my profession throughout the remainder of my career.”

Award Winner: Julie Koehler was honored by the ACCP. (Photo courtesy of Julie Koehler)


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