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Shared Strategic Vision looks forward

Butler University President Jim Danko and his team have created their Shared Strategic Vision—a list of goals for the university. Danko said he will use the vision as a “future rendering of what this campus could look like” when he is out fundraising, whether he is in the community or across the country. “I want

Danko reflects on his second year

Butler University President Jim Danko is ready to get started with a full year under his belt, after getting to know recognized personalities and becoming familiar with the Butler community. While his first year on campus was used as a time to reflect and find his spot and mission as president, he’s settled in and

Danko calls for gun safety

Butler University President Jim Danko signed an open letter along with other university presidents to policy leaders that calls for discussion about gun safety. The letter can be found at collegepresidentsforgunsafety.org and boasts more than 300 other college and university presidents’ signatures. “We are college and university presidents,” the open letter reads. “We are parents.

West, Smiley seek conversation

Professor Cornel West and media personality Tavis Smiley spoke to a crowd gathered at Clowes Memorial Hall last Friday as they lectured on their recently published book, “The Rich and the Rest of Us: A Poverty Manifesto.” Smiley, a native of Kokomo, Ind., and an Indiana University alumnus, is a host for the national talk