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Shared Strategic Vision looks forward

Butler University President Jim Danko and his team have created their Shared Strategic Vision—a list of goals for the university. Danko said he will use the vision as a “future rendering of what this campus could look like” when he is out fundraising, whether he is in the community or across the country. “I want

Officials expecting a smaller incoming class

Butler University’s Office of Admission projects the class of 2017 to be smaller than the record-breaking class of 2016. Tom Weede, vice president for enrollment management, said the goal is a freshman class of 1,050 students. “There have been lots of discussions about whether or not we should grow,” Weede said, “but discussing growth is

Butler officials not concerned with report on university value

Yahoo! Finance recently published a study that concluded that public universities are currently a better value for students than private universities. The Yahoo! study used information gathered through PayScale, a salary research company, and evaluated the schools based on their cost per year and the salaries of recent graduates. It did not, however, consider financial

Cashing in your Butler education

The tuition students pay to attend Butler University goes toward many different entities, but one of the largest chunks goes right back to students. Butler’s largest expenditure each year is financial aid for students, Bruce Arick, vice president of finance and administration, said. Butler is the largest source of financial aid for its students. The