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Butler to launch two-year college in fall 2025

Butler to launch two-year college in fall 2025

“‘The Butler community will be better as we have varying perspectives — students with different backgrounds and experiences and life stories to add to who we are.”’

Butler must add diversity

On Jan. 19, Tavis Smiley and Cornel West gave a speech at Clowes  Memorial Hall about the dangers of income inequality. “[I]t shows our dedication to diversifying our university,” President Jim Danko said of the event. The speakers showed the nation that Butler is a university that strives for diversity. I, for one, am very

Cashing in your Butler education

The tuition students pay to attend Butler University goes toward many different entities, but one of the largest chunks goes right back to students. Butler’s largest expenditure each year is financial aid for students, Bruce Arick, vice president of finance and administration, said. Butler is the largest source of financial aid for its students. The