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Butler to launch two-year college in fall 2025

Butler to launch two-year college in fall 2025

“‘The Butler community will be better as we have varying perspectives — students with different backgrounds and experiences and life stories to add to who we are.”’

University announces 3.25 percent tuition increase for 2018-2019 academic year

After an annual university review, the Board of Trustees approved the new rates for the 2018-2019 school year at their October meeting.  This is the lowest percentage increase in the past four years.

Financial aid packages tailored to students

As course schedules are filling for next semester, financial aid is always something on the minds of students this time of year. With tuition and room and board increases, most students want as much financial aid as possible. For 2011-12, 28 percent of Butler University’s expense budget was dedicated to financial aid, totaling $47,672,800. The

Students, financial aid office react to debt plan

President Barack Obama’s recently announced student loan relief plan has Butler University students hoping for change—­the kind that doesn’t involve an increase in tuition prices and loan interest rates. More than 80 percent of Butler students receive financial aid, and each year the university awards more than $3.8 million to help meet this need. Even

Coming up short: The debt ceiling vs. Federal Pell Grants

Recent debt ceiling debates in Congress could have left hundreds of Butler University students $5,550 short in financial aid for the 2011-12 academic year. The childlike debacle that the debt ceiling debate became in Congress this summer was not only tiresome but put college students across the country in a position of possibly having to