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The uncomfortable pattern behind multiple Butler Student Affairs resignations

Three Student Affairs staff members have left Butler in the span of less than six months. One staff member that resigned had only worked at Butler for a year and a half, others had worked at Butler for upwards of six years before resigning. The question remains: why?

Sigma Chi Chariot Race canceled

“One reason is that any student organization hosting an event like that needs to be in good standing, and that’s not the case — as the traditional host has been Sigma Chi,” dean of students Sally Click said. “Right now we’re working through some concerns, and we determined it is not in their best interest right now to be hosting that event.”

OPINION | BUPD follows leads to better solutions

Before those of you who are under 21 grab hold of that red cup this weekend—or any time, really—consider this: Under Indiana law you could serve 60 days in jail and pay up to $500 in fines. That is the maximum sentence for possession of alcohol by a minor in Indiana. Whether it’s alcohol, marijuana