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Diversity, excitement and concern: a glance at Butler’s newest class

ALEXANDRA BODE Staff Reporter   Butler University welcomed a record-breaking class last weekend. It was not size, but the group’s diversity which put it in the school’s history books. The class of 2017 is the most ethnically and geographically diverse freshman class to date. Of the 1,025 new students,  14.4 percent label themselves as “multicultural,”

Sizing up the tuition competition

Two documents displayed at the Mar. 28 Faculty Senate meeting are helping shed a different light on Butler University’s tuition increase for the next academic year. The documents provide a list of 25 schools Butler most often competes with for potential students, or the most common cross-applicant schools. One compares tuition and monetary costs of

Students stress over scheduling

Students continue to register and plan for classes this week as they deal with capacity issues and time conflicts. “I think registering for classes is as stressful as finals week,” sophomore Andrea Baker said. Baker said she experienced stress planning for science classes that are applicable to her pharmacy major. “My concern was getting into

Butler officials make push to diversify the student body

Butler University’s goal of diversity is appreciated by students but is not as recognizable on campus as the administration thinks it should be. The Taste of Diversity dinner was held last week and encouraged students to “dive into Butler’s diversity.” The gathering featured a variety of international foods, including Indian, Thai, Moroccan, Mexican, Dominican and

Financial aid packages tailored to students

As course schedules are filling for next semester, financial aid is always something on the minds of students this time of year. With tuition and room and board increases, most students want as much financial aid as possible. For 2011-12, 28 percent of Butler University’s expense budget was dedicated to financial aid, totaling $47,672,800. The

Administration working to improve rentention rates

The retention rates at Butler University have been consistent over the years, but the university is looking to bring them closer to 100 percent. Right now, Butler’s average retention from first to second year is 88 percent. “If you don’t retain students there, they won’t be there for their junior year,” Associate Provost Mary Macmanus

Big numbers bring changes to admissions

Because of a surge in applicant numbers this year, the admissions department adjusted the admission process to take on this significant increase, and hopes to welcome a class of 960-1,000 students in the fall. Given the surprisingly large class of 2014, many were concerned with what to expect for next year. However, students can rest