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POV: New dawgs in the dawg house

POV: New dawgs in the dawg house

New experiences and opportunities welcomed the class of 2026. From late nights of relentless fun to early mornings of relaxation, first-years were immersed in the climate and culture of their new home.

Hardly a Welcome Week for Greeks, groups

Of the 150 student organizations at Butler University, only Greek organizations were reminded to not host any events during Welcome Week, which has caused more shock and surprise than Welcome Week itself. Greek presidents received an email from Becky Druetzler, director of Greek affairs and orientation programs, dictating that the houses were not to have

Policy causes more harm than good when it leads students to seek parties off campus

Butler University welcomed freshmen last week by curtailing their ability to fraternize with other student groups on campus. All Greek house presidents received an email from Becky Druetzler, director of greek affairs and orientation programs, explaining that there were to be no social gatherings of any nature during Welcome Week. While this email claimed to

Freshmen highest quality BU has seen yet

This year’s incoming class may not be as large as last year’s record-breaking group of first-year students, but they statistically are of the highest academic quality Butler University has ever seen in a single class. The class of 2015 boasts the highest collective GPA of any freshman class, finishing high school with an average GPA