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Wheelchair access an issue for some

KAYLIE RICKS KRICKS@BUTLER.EDU CONTRIBUTING REPORTER For students living in Apartment Village on Butler University’s campus, walking to class can be time-consuming. For Tammy Nguyen, a junior strategic communications major, getting to class takes even more time because, like eight other students on campus, she uses a wheelchair to get around. Schools around the world try

OPINION | Butler should notify students about new alcohol policy

If upperclassmen are as punishable as freshmen for alcohol violations, then they should receive the same information the freshman do. Over the summer, the administration revamped the alcohol policy on campus. The administration forbade freshmen from going inside Greek houses until after last Monday. Another policy change is that there are no fines for alcohol

Hardly a Welcome Week for Greeks, groups

Of the 150 student organizations at Butler University, only Greek organizations were reminded to not host any events during Welcome Week, which has caused more shock and surprise than Welcome Week itself. Greek presidents received an email from Becky Druetzler, director of Greek affairs and orientation programs, dictating that the houses were not to have