OPINION | Butler should notify students about new alcohol policy

If upperclassmen are as punishable as freshmen for alcohol violations, then they should receive the same information the freshman do.

Over the summer, the administration revamped the alcohol policy on campus.

The administration forbade freshmen from going inside Greek houses until after last Monday.

Another policy change is that there are no fines for alcohol violations.

Instead, students will have to do a community restoration activity that decreases the negative effects of alcohol consumption in and around campus.

Anyone on conduct probation will be prohibited from participating in Greek life and from holding a position of leadership.

These may be logical punishments, but if no one knows what activities to avoid, they become unfair.

Residence halls will be asked to hang up posters notifying students the legal drinking age is 21 Irene Stevens, dean of student life, said.

Also, they must take part in programs in the fall and spring concerning alcohol
and alcohol abuse.

These program may be informational, but some students will inevitably begin
drinking as school wears on.

If the administration is going to attempt to protect freshmen by keeping them out of Greek houses, then it also should protect the rest of the students and seek a better way to inform them.

Even if that is through email, at least administrators can say they told us

The most important fact that the administration failed to inform the student
body about is the passing of the Indiana Lifeline law.

This law guarantees that someone can notify authorities that another individual under 21 needs medical attention due to drinking alcohol without fear of punishment.

Instead of putting up posters notifying people that the legal drinking age is 21, the administration should be telling students about these policy changes.

Most people would rather have the ability to mitigate an emergency than
read about the drinking age limit, which students know unless they come from another country or lived under a rock for most of their adult lives.

The administration is taking the right steps to prevent alcohol abuse on campus,
especially since Butler has witnessed an increase in alcohol-related incidents and emergencies in the past two years said Vice President for Student Affairs Levester Johnson.

The administrators could reach out a little bit more.

They could drop a quick postcard in student mailboxes.

They could send an email outlining the new policy.

Or they could just put up posters giving a quick rundown of the changes.

Honestly, any details they hand out would be beneficial.


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