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Q&A: Butler MBB’s Freshmen

Q&A: Butler MBB’s Freshmen

Chuck Harris, JaKobe Coles, Myles Tate and Myles Wilmoth sit in front of Irvington House. These freshmen have faced a more unique college experience than any Butler men’s basketball freshmen cohort before them. Photo by Xan Korman. XAN KORMAN | STAFF REPORTER | xkorman@butler.edu  Photo editor and sports reporter Xan Korman had a chance to

Diversity, excitement and concern: a glance at Butler’s newest class

ALEXANDRA BODE Staff Reporter   Butler University welcomed a record-breaking class last weekend. It was not size, but the group’s diversity which put it in the school’s history books. The class of 2017 is the most ethnically and geographically diverse freshman class to date. Of the 1,025 new students,  14.4 percent label themselves as “multicultural,”

Checking in on freshmen in ResCo

Despite being removed from other first-year students, freshmen in Residential College are showing no signs of disadvantage after nearly two semesters at Butler University. On Aug. 31, The Collegian published an article checking in on first-year students in the freshman unit of ResCo to compare their social experience with freshmen living in other residence halls

Freshman class smaller than Butler expected

A freshman class size of 927 students might seem like a high number, but that figure didn’t quite hit Butler University’s mark this year. In fact, this year’s class was the smallest since 2005. Despite a second consecutive trip to the Final Four, a 35 percent increase in campus visits by prospective students and 3,000

Future freshmen don’t need cars

Parking on university campuses can be a real pain. For the last several years I attended and worked at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, where once I looked nearly two hours for a spot. Texas Christian University, my undergraduate alma mater, was more like Butler University, and it presented a fair share of problems too. Butler

Residence Life programming adjusts to help freshmen enjoy life at ResCo

Freshman students arrive at college eager to find a social footing. But an increasing number of freshmen living in Residential College may feel like they are left out of that experience. The isolated location of their units from other freshman makes for  different experience than living in Ross Hall or Schwitzer Hall first- year ResCo

Hardly a Welcome Week for Greeks, groups

Of the 150 student organizations at Butler University, only Greek organizations were reminded to not host any events during Welcome Week, which has caused more shock and surprise than Welcome Week itself. Greek presidents received an email from Becky Druetzler, director of Greek affairs and orientation programs, dictating that the houses were not to have

Policy causes more harm than good when it leads students to seek parties off campus

Butler University welcomed freshmen last week by curtailing their ability to fraternize with other student groups on campus. All Greek house presidents received an email from Becky Druetzler, director of greek affairs and orientation programs, explaining that there were to be no social gatherings of any nature during Welcome Week. While this email claimed to

Easing the transition: living life as a resident assistant

Living away from home for the first time can be confusing and difficult for college students. Luckily, they don’t have to face this situation alone. Butler University resident assistants are available around the clock to all students living in residential halls. The job requires behind-the-scenes work and begins with a rigorous application process. Sophomore Ryan