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Freshman caucus elects officials

The Butler University Freshman Caucus has tallied the votes and elected four officers for the class of 2014 last Monday. The caucus is entirely distinct from the campus-wide Student Government Association. The group of about 30 students works to inform the freshman class about issues on campus and listens specifically to their opinions. This attention

Large class brings big changes to freshmen advising appointments

This year’s large freshmen class has forced Butler Universityto re-evaluate how academic advising is handled. With changes being made to the core curriculum and class requirements, proper advising for the new freshmen on campus is more imperative than ever before. Jennifer Griggs, director of the Learning Resource Center, said there were some adjustments Butler had

Fong addresses Freshmen

Butler University President Bobby Fong welcomed students to Butler University with words of encouragement during his President’s Convocation on Aug. 22. Fong spoke about the record-breaking number of incoming freshmen, saying that while the men’s basketball team may have encouraged perspective students to accept the offer of admission, it is not all that Butler had

Bigger Freshman class does not mean big cuts

This year, Butler will be ushering in the largest freshman class in the university’s history, a record-breaking 1,067 students. The increase in students has left some upperclassmen wondering whether they will experience a decrease in financial aid dollars. Tom Weede, vice president for enrollment management, said that while the office of enrollment was not anticipating