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Student loan forgiveness program rejected by Supreme Court

Student loan forgiveness program rejected by Supreme Court

President Joe Biden’s proposal to forgive more than $400 billion of student loan debt was blocked by the Supreme Court of the United States on June 30.

OPINION | Solve donation deficit by controlling tuition hikes

Butler University may find it cannot draw water from wells that have already been drained dry. Across the nation, universities have raised tuition. Butler is no exception. In 1984 Butler tuition was $5,640—and that was after a nearly 14 percent increase from the year before. Today, with inflation, that would come out to $12,210.36. This

Students, financial aid office react to debt plan

President Barack Obama’s recently announced student loan relief plan has Butler University students hoping for change—­the kind that doesn’t involve an increase in tuition prices and loan interest rates. More than 80 percent of Butler students receive financial aid, and each year the university awards more than $3.8 million to help meet this need. Even