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Those of legal drinking age can still face punishment for reckless behavior

MARAIS JACON-DUFFY | NEWS EDITOR Think you’re home free to drink when you turn 21? Not exactly—at least not on Butler’s campus. The majority of alcohol-related ticketings and arrests on Butler’s campus in the past year involved minors possessing or consuming alcohol, according to Butler University Police Department crime logs. That’s not to say students

Danko calls for gun safety

Butler University President Jim Danko signed an open letter along with other university presidents to policy leaders that calls for discussion about gun safety. The letter can be found at collegepresidentsforgunsafety.org and boasts more than 300 other college and university presidents’ signatures. “We are college and university presidents,” the open letter reads. “We are parents.

Feedback positive for parking garage

People in the Butler University and Butler-Tarkington communities who have seen the school’s parking garage plans are providing mostly positive feedback. A plan for a mixed-use parking garage was endorsed by Butler’s Board of Trustees at the end of September. Approximately 1,000 parking spots, an undetermined number of living spaces and, potentially, some retail businesses

Ross residents ransacked

An unknown burglar entered the unlocked rooms of Ross Hall residents early Thursday morning. Five unlawful entries occurred from Thursday to Friday resulting in stolen items, including laptops, iPods, cell phones and money. Butler University Police Department said no sign of forced entry into Ross has been found; it suspects the thief is a student

Sex crimes, liquor arrests increase

Butler University had more crimes in five of the 17 crime sub-categories listed in Butler’s recently released Comprehensive Combined Annual Security Report and Annual Fire Safety Report for 2011. Forcible sex offenses, liquor law arrests, drug law arrests, drug law violations referred for Student Conduct Actions and forcible burglary at Butler all increased from 2010

Imposter puzzles police

The Butler University Police Department continues to search for the man who impersonated an undercover policeman between Jordan Hall and the Health and Sciences Building. On Sept. 11, at approximately 10 p.m., a plain-clothed man approached a female student and asked the student to perform a breathalyzer test. The female student did not alert Butler

Suspicious individual reported on campus

The Butler University Police Department issued a timely warning Tuesday afternoon to warn students about a suspicious individual on campus. Assistant Chief of Police Bill Weber issued the warning after a student was approached Sept. 11. A man approached a female student at 10 p.m. between Jordan Hall and the College of Pharmacy and Health